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Our Mission

We invest and rebuild in underserved and underprivileged areas to build safe affordable communities for veterans and domestic violence survivors.

Our mission is to support some of Georgia’s most vulnerable, who need safe and affordable housing, into their own homes. Survivors of abuse, feeling violence, and overcoming trauma need our help. Veterans returning from tour, working through adjusting to civilian life, need a helping hand. Our civic duty is to revitalize our community and help those who need it the most. Our human duty is to be kind and help those who need it most.

This vital mission wouldn’t be possible without your support, and for that, we thank you.

Helping Your Community by Providing Homes

They say a great journey begins with a single step, and every generous donation made by people like you is a step towards helping someone in need into a warm and safe home for themselves and their family. When you support the Urban Revitalization Group, you are changing lives. We greatly depend on financial contributions from our community members, and every dollar donated goes directly toward this life-changing work. Together, we can create a safe and strong community for everyone.

We are so grateful for our corporate sponsorships and donations that allow us to make Georgia a better place for vets and domestic abuse victims. Some of the ways your organization can help are:

Monetary contributions
Building materials and tool/equipment donations
Gifts in Memorium
Workplace and corporate giving
Fundraising and events

With the help of groups and businesses in our community, we can support our domestic abuse survivors and American heroes as they find safety, freedom, and hope for a better future. Your donation will directly help families in Georgia stay together, become stronger, and, most importantly, have a roof of their very own over their heads.

We are committed to the greater good and realize that for true change to happen, we need a collective force working together for the common goal of community building and revitalization.

We feel that the veterans and survivors that our housing programs assist are pillars in the community in need of assistance during a difficult time.

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