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About Us

About Us

Our members are a group of like-minded investors with close ties to the local community. We are committed to the greater good and realize that for true change to happen, we need a collective force working together for the common goal of community building and revitalization. We know that when people work together, our impact can be profound and far-reaching. Our members possess a vast array of expertise, experience, and skills that support our movement. We are a group of public servants, veterans, educators, law enforcement, mental health providers, small business owners, healthcare professionals, and domestic violence survivors.

Urban Revitalization Group came to be when our founders took notice of two significantly underserved populations: American Veterans and Survivors of Domestic Abuse. It goes without saying that both of these groups survive hardship and can sometimes fall through the cracks when it comes to attaining and affording a home for themselves and their families.

To help bridge the gap between saving for a down payment and purchasing a home, Urban Revitalization Group was created and has been moving forward, assisting Georgians to get into houses of their very own. Simply put, we are a non-profit organization that puts veterans and victims of abuse at the center of our service delivery.

Connecting Veterans and Abuse Survivors with Safe and Affordable Homes

As Urban Revitalization Group came to be, so did the creation of the NOAH program, which connects some of Georgia’s most vulnerable populations with secure and economical housing opportunities. NOAH stands for Never given or afforded an Opportunity At Homeownership. Through the NOAH program, we:
  • Give our clients hope and provide a silver lining during tough times
  • Foster a sense of community for those who need it most
  • Allow others to experience firsthand the pride that comes with owning a home
  • Help our clients move through difficult times with support
  • Provide safe and affordable housing to those who need them the most

Urban Revitalization Group: Lending a Helping Hand When Needed

The positive impact that comes from having a warm and safe home can be seen and felt far beyond those that inhabit its four walls. Everyone deserves a safe place to lay their head at night, play with their families, sit at a table with loved ones, read a book, and relax. At Urban Revitalization Group, we know that taking care of those who serve our country and have fled dangerous living situations is our civic duty and truly, just what makes us human.

Make A Difference Today

Our Vision

Urban Revitalization Group is a nonprofit organization located and operating in Vidalia, Georgia with a focus on providing a path to homeownership. Since our founding in 2020, we are dedicated to assisting the most overlooked and underserved members of our community.