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Giving Veterans a Place To Call Home

Our veterans and domestic violence survivors are pillars in this community and currently, they are in need of a helping hand during this difficult time of transition. We offer hope, stability, and a “piece of the American Dream” through homeownership.

Fall/Winter 2022. Page 82

Caring For Our Own

Toombs County Magazine (Fall/Winter 2022) 
Urban Revitalization was featured in the Toombs County Magazine, page 82 of the Fall/Winter 2022 Edition.

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Progress continues on revitalization project in Vidalia

VIDALIA, Ga. (WTOC) – The City of Vidalia and the Urban Revitalization Group have been revitalizing parts of town that had been dilapidated for years. In the beginning, it involved six homes on one city block.

Now, they are on track to do 11 homes for first-time homeowners.

It’s a sight to see on 5th Avenue. A row of abandoned houses being completely rebuilt.

The mayor says it’s exciting to see how this project has expanded in just two months.

Mayor Doug Roper says affordable housing is hard to come by in the community, but this project is a steppingstone for what else they can do in other parts of the town. Right now, one home is all done, and the homeowner has moved in.


Making Vidalia a Better Place

Vidalian Debra Brown moved into her new home on Fifth Avenue this week. After 15 years of renting, she finally has a place of her own. “It’s like a dream,” she said.

Brown’s hope of owning a home was realized in part due to her own merit—she has been a responsible citizen and an employee at McDonald’s in Vidalia for 17 years— but also because a group of local citizens who have a vision to make the world a better place took note of her worthiness and included her name on a list. She would become the first person to benefit from the work of the nonprofit Urban Revitalization Group (URG).


Revitalization Project Provides New Opportunity

Six formerly blighted homes on 5th Avenue in Vidalia are getting facelifts, and thanks to the contributions and hard work of some dedicated men, some veterans and women of domestic violence are getting a chance at being first-time owners.
Wednesday morning, Vidalia Mayor Doug Roper was onsite of the first home to be offered and said the project was a joint effort of the Urban Revitalization Group and the City of Vidalia.


Progress made on Vidalia home revitalization project

Since new Vidalia Mayor Doug Roper was elected, he made it his mission to revitalize parts of town that had been dilapidated for years.

For more than 10 years, Mayor Roper says seven homes have sat on a block of 5th Avenue abandoned. Now, two are ready for first-time homeowners to move into.

The project, Roper says, is being worked on by the city and the Urban Revitalization Group. Right now, six of the seven homes have been bought by the group to be reconstructed.


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