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Our veterans and domestic violence survivors are pillars in this community and currently, they are in need of a helping hand during this difficult time of transition. We offer hope, stability, and a “piece of the American Dream” through homeownership.

Studies show that owning a home provides many psychological and emotional benefits, and these benefits are precisely what drives us and how Urban Revitalization Group came to be. Of course, everyone needs a safe place to call home, but what we saw in the communities of Georgia was an opportunity to help significantly underrepresented individuals and families that need it the most.

Here is how Urban Revitalization Group is helping victims of domestic violence and Veterans of the United States Army by lending a helping hand and giving them a place they can call home.

We assist with homeownership to a group of individuals that were

(N)ever given or afforded an




This is our NOAH Program.

We will solicit donations through our website, applying for grants, and hosting fundraising events. We are looking into corporate sponsorships as well. We do plan to host community events and larger conventions for our network in the future.

Urban Revitalization Group: We Bring Our Clients Home

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs shows physiological needs such as food, water, and shelter at the base of what every human needs to survive, let alone thrive. But beyond this most basic need for a roof over our heads, we know that there are many additional reasons our most vulnerable populations need a helping hand into homeownership when transitioning from crisis and trauma into their new life.

Several significant socio-cultural benefits come from homeownership that will help our clients take steps forward in a positive way:

  • Civic Engagement. Owning a part of the neighborhood represents a personal investment and helps with feeling rooted and involved in the community at large.
  • Building Equity. Owning a home that appreciates in value can provide a better financial future for its owner.
  • Positive Choices. Studies show that those that own their home, as opposed to renting, tend to make better choices in other areas of their life due to improved overall lifestyle satisfaction.
  • Lowered Stress. Owning a home can provide a sense of security that acts as a buffer from market fluctuations and the stress of moving or relocating due to someone else’s choices.
  • Increased Stability. Homeowners can feel more stable and secure, which can cause them to be more involved and give back to their community. Often they will invest in beautifying their home because they feel a sense of pride where they live.

These financial and non-financial benefits do wonders for both the individual and Georgia as a whole. In addition, these benefits fuel our passion for helping connect those in need with attainable and affordable homes.

A Helping Hand into Affordable Housing

At Urban Revitalization Group, we have made it our mission to open the doors to becoming a homeowner to as many veterans and survivors of domestic abuse as possible. If you would like to know more about how our programs work or how you can help us continue helping those who need it most.

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